I have helped hundreds of people with their taxes and finances resulting in having many happy ad satisfied client’s.

“The info you gave me was most helpful and gave me reassurance as well as comfort. I am now able to accept my situation and to act accordingly. Thank you for your time and patience. -D. Saldutti

“I hope that you know how good I feel knowing that you are looking out for my interests.” -A. Sluder

“I was delighted to refer my mother to you and I’ll continue to refer people to you. In this age of economic insecurity it’s crucial to find a knowledgeable and trustworthy financial advisor. My fear and anxiety about my monetary future have been relieved. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family.” -E. Wilde

“Thank you, so very much for all those years of service, especially for me, you have been a tremendous HELP! I’m deeply appreciative”. -M. Miorelli

“I met you at a very fragile time in my life and I really appreciate all your help.” -D. Callahan

“You have been so wonderful to me. Phones, faxes, e-mail are all fine but they can’t be the same as your physical presence. However, knowing how much time you spent with us and for us, and how grateful I was to have your help through Jim’s passing, I could never thank you enough!” –J.& R. MacIntyre

“Thank you for the great proposal. How you were able to put it together so quickly is hard to imagine, but not untypical of the usual alacrity with which you respond to your clients’ needs. We will follow your recommendations to the letter. Again, Ron, thanks for the new plan.” -J. & E. Downes

“We want to thank you for taking care of our needs in such a quick manner and sending us your DVD. We found it most interesting and educational.Thanks to you we’ve been able to go on Ocean Cruises, European River Cruises, the Islands and many winter get-a-ways to Florida.” –J. & B. Baine

“Thanks for all your help. Sometimes, just talking to you is all the help I need.” -P. Reeves

“Just a note along with a Christmas card to let you know we appreciated your help” -J. Adams

“The information you gave me was most helpful and gave me re-assurance and comfort”. -D. Villa


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